Test Drive Crossover Skoda Yeti

25-окт, 10;44 admin 1435
Skoda Yeti after restyling has become seriously prettier and has become much better sold. In many European countries, this crossover has grown in the sales charts, and the reason for this is the increased PR from Skoda, which is in full swing in official dealerships. So, in our Skoda Yeti review, and we will show what is new in the new version.
The car as a whole has adopted a more corporate style, which presents rigor and some laconicism, expressed in straight lines and the absence of special delights. In addition, new available colors for painting were added and the line of engines was updated. Fuel-efficient 1.6 TDI engines are now available, which also feature reduced rolling resistance.

It must be admitted that overall the car looks good, although in places the body could have been made more elegant. Inside the cabin there are also plenty of new products. In general, finishing materials have been changed - they have become better and more modern.

On some versions, a DSG gearbox with four-wheel drive is available. The suspension remains the same as in the previous version, but in general it works out the bumps in the road well.
In driving, the car is still pliable and light. The steering wheel is informative enough, so the massive crossover is controlled with ease and grace. In general, this car can be recommended to any Skoda fan.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/