Test drive the updated Skoda Octavia

25-окт, 10;58 admin 1770
Skoda Octavia is the permanent flagship of the Czech manufacturer, which has won many awards and sympathies during its existence. The updated version with 1.8 TSI engine and robotic gearbox, still leaves the most pleasant experience. Let's deal with this handsome man on the road!
The restyled version is practically devoid of all those flaws that annoyed in the previous version of the Octavia. The car has become significantly more stable on the road, and the engine now delivers maximum power at average torque.

The minimum gaps between body parts and the overall build quality are good news. The fit has improved significantly, which is a quality indicator for a budget car. The design has also been improved with glowing notches and proprietary LED optics. The STYLE equipment is especially good in this regard.

The semi-independent rear beam remained in place, so the ride remained virtually unchanged. But the rethought suspension works with a bang and perfectly "digests" speed bumps and other road obstacles. No bouncing was noticed when riding.
In general, the updated Octavia looks and handles very well.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/