Volkswagen, Porsche and Skoda will soon change leadership

22-ноя, 10;44 admin 1826
Oliver Blume, current VW Group CEO, started his career as a student. Today, the 52-year-old director leaves his post and goes on a well-deserved rest. Similar personnel changes will happen at Skoda and Porsche. In general, this is a normal practice that promises new opportunities and prospects for companies.
The VW Group will now be driven by the ambitious Herbert Diess, who once worked at Audi. Marcus Duismann, who has equally extensive experience in running SEAT in Spain, will be appointed director of Porsche. Well, the head of Skoda is Bernhard Mayer, a distinguished gentleman who has also worked at Audi for several years.

60-year-old Mayer has no experience of working in large auto concerns. At one time, he personally oversaw the development of the Porsche 911 Carrera convertible, as well as marketing and sales at Audi.
The famous German magazine dedicated to the news of the auto world "Auto Motor und Sport" believes that such personnel changes are beneficial for enterprises, and experienced managers only enrich the opportunities of work collectives. In addition, companies openly share innovations with each other, so in any case, the reshuffle of leaders will not be a big problem.