Skoda Superb recalls due to malfunction of turn signals

22-ноя, 10;51 admin 1878
Skoda Superb has been recalled due to a malfunction related to optics. At the same time, the model was also withdrawn last summer, albeit for a completely different reason. The current situation affects the performance of the cornering lights, which may fail while driving. Also, the dashboard indicator fails, which does not light up during emergencies.
This is due to faulty software, which is controlled by the BCM (Body Control Module). A pure software error, unfortunately, is becoming an increasingly common cause of problems associated with modern cars. Moreover, these problems are typical for many cars of the VG concern.

According to the company's specialists, the malfunction can be eliminated by installing the appropriate diagnostic software and updating the BCM module system. You can make adjustments to the work in specialized Skoda service centers, which are ready to serve the owners of faulty cars free of charge.
The official website of the company has provided a list of VIN codes, with the help of which the owners can find their car in the database and, if necessary, contact the specialists of the service centers.