Skoda Octavia RS iV developers sacrifice speed

22-ноя, 10;54 admin 1947
The new Skoda Octavia RS iV is ready to boast a powerful hybrid engine with DQ381 DSG gearbox. Despite the impressive power of the power unit, the car developers had to sacrifice in speed. However, everything in order.
The hybrid is powered by an 85 kilowatt electric motor and a 1.4 TSI 150 hp engine. This unit is capable of delivering a total of 245 horsepower or 400 Newton meters of torque. At the same time, the engine is extremely environmentally friendly and emits no more than 30 g / km of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The interior is typical sporty, with diamond-shaped seats and comfortable lateral support. A stylish three-spoke steering wheel with gear selector paddles, a virtual instrument panel and other bells and whistles will delight fans of expensive sports cars.

The car picks up a hundred in just 7.3 seconds, but the maximum speed is "modest" 225 km / h. It's all the fault of the hybrid system and the low-power battery, the volume of which was sacrificed to reduce the weight of the car. However, this does not in the least affect the pleasant sensations obtained while piloting this car.
In general, the new Skoda Octavia RS iV turned out to be very successful and will certainly delight all lovers of drive and speed.