Skoda Vision In on the budget MQB A0 IN platform

22-ноя, 11;01 admin 1799
Skoda Vision In will be developed on the budget MQB A0 IN platform. This is not Skoda's own development, but a Volkswagen Group project that has successfully adapted the classic MQB platform for use in Asian markets. In this case, we are talking about the Indian market, where this car will be presented.
Consumers are waiting for a comfortable car with high-quality handling and soft suspension. Despite using a budget platform, the crossover boasts high-tech stuffing and abundant electronics. A variety of sensors and sensors are waiting for the driver to help the built-in assistant inform the driver about obstacles and emergencies.

In addition to Skoda and Volkswagen, the Indian market has been flooded with representatives of major Asian manufacturers. Koreans dominate the region so far, with the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos being the top-selling crossovers, according to recent research.
Nevertheless, the dynamics of the work of Europeans exceeds even the modest expectations of experts. The transfer of production to the rails of regional firms promises huge revenues in the future. In particular, in the past, 2019, it was about 2 percent in pure form.