Hybrid Skoda Octavia RS iV was shown in Geneva

22-ноя, 10;56 admin 11 007
The audience was delighted with the new sports hybrid from Skoda. We are talking about the Skoda Octavia RS iV, which has a diesel engine paired with a powerful electric motor. At the same time, the car turned out to be extremely environmentally friendly, and emits a minimum amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
The premiere of the novelty took place at the annual motor show held in the capital of Switzerland. The auto show brings together many fans of four-wheeled vehicles, as well as representatives of the largest car manufacturing companies.

The sports section of the car dealership was presented with multiple exclusives. Especially a lot of people crowded around the Golf GTI and Golf GTE, which also demonstrated the hybrid system as a power plant. The Octavia RS also attracted a large audience, carefully recording the technical characteristics of the car.
And there was really something to record. The total power of the hybrid system of the car develops a total of 245 horsepower, which corresponds to 400 Newton meters of torque. The chassis and suspension are specially tuned for maximum performance on the race track. The journalists were equally impressed by the choice of transmission, among which there are both automatic and "robot".http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/