Test Drive Subcompact Skoda Fabia

25-окт, 10;51 admin 1316
Skoda Fabia is a great car, which is relatively inexpensive. The new generation "next" has become even more attractive and practical. The small car, created by Czech engineers for urban conditions, is stuffed with new electronics and other innovations.
The new Fabia weighs 65 kilograms less due to its lighter body. At the same time, the vehicle safety system has significantly improved. There is a built-in automated differential lock and an emergency braking system.

There are also electronic assistants that help the driver in handling the car. The salon has definitely become more comfortable. Despite the small size, there is enough space with a margin, and the driver does not compete with his elbows with the passenger in the front seat.

Forced "four" for 1.6 liters of volume and 110 hp. very cheerfully accelerates the car on the highway. Moreover, the engine is extremely economical. Coupled with a responsive gearbox, it gives the Fabia good acceleration and handling. Also pleasing is the soft suspension, which copes well with road bumps.
In general, we really liked the car, and its modern filling will allow us to move comfortably both within the city and outside it.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/