Volkswagen Group no longer supplies two models

22-ноя, 10;42 admin 1991
The EU directive of March 31, 2018 states that all vehicles must have an emergency warning system. It turned out that the latest version of the Volkswagen Golf has a flaw in this system. In addition, similar faults are seen with the new Volkswagen ID.3, which crashes due to a software malfunction.
In this regard, the company's management is forced to urgently recall significant lots of cars. At the same time, difficulties also affected the latest generation Octavia, which also has software from Volkswagen. Skoda simply used a ready-made warning system control unit, in which a malfunction was detected.

In general, Audi, Mercedes and Chrysler have similar problems. This is especially true for older models that came out before 2018. At the moment, a Volkswagen spokesman said that the company's engineers are actively working on a software fix, which will become available in the coming weeks.
At the same time, the owners of already sold cars can download the new firmware from a special technical server, or contact specialists in service centers for help. For residents of European countries, this procedure will be absolutely free.